Exploring the world and learning about new places has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I can often be found looking at maps, checking flight connections, browsing guidebooks and reading up on unfamiliar cultures, faraway places and geopolitical anomalies. I love planning my next trip almost as much as going on it.

I grew up in County Galway in the west of Ireland, but I am currently based on the opposite side of the world in Melbourne, Australia. I studied Visual Communication before working for years as a graphic designer. I currently work as a UX/UI designer.

Top to bottom and left to right: Hawaii, USA; Kyoto, Japan; Omotepe, Nicaragua; Westfjords, Iceland; Havana, Cuba; Taroko, Taiwan; Caracol, Belize.
About CeolTravels.com

In creating this blog my aim is to document my travels and inspire others to learn about and travel to some interesting places around the world. I try to write blog posts that are interesting, informative and practical. My focus is often on what I would have liked to know before visiting somewhere.

My name

If you are not familiar with the Irish language, you’re probably wondering how to pronounce my name. It’s not the easiest thing to write phonetically in English but it is close to ‘kyohl’. Make sure you say it as one syllable.

Where I’ve been

So far, I’ve been to over 120 countries and one day I hope to visit every country in the world. Here’s where I’ve been and where I’ve written about…


 Visited & blogged

Yet to visit

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